The Law on the procedure of registration in the real estate and power lines

According to the new law, instead of five counters, the entire property registration process will end only in one place, with notaries, who will perform the documentation with the state institutions completely electronically.

The new procedure will enable the registration of property to be carried out in only a few days, without additional costs for citizens.

The procedure of registering the property will take place in such a way that the notary public, instead of the real estate purchaser, inspects the real estate cadastre, then authenticates the purchase agreement, and then the contract digitizes, authenticates and sends the cadastre electronically, ex officio.

When it receives a contract from a public notary, the cadastre sends it ex officio to the tax administration and the local tax administration, which will free the citizens to go to as many as five institutions. It is also a new introduction of the principle of officiality, which implies that the procedure for registering in the cadastre is initiated ex officio, by sending the documents to the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA) through the e-counter, instead of starting today at the request of the client. As previously announced by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the cadastre reform will enable the increase in the legal safety of real estate owners, increase the efficiency of the work of the land administration and enable faster and more efficient calculation of property tax and tax on the transfer of absolute rights.

The reform of the cadastre in importance for improving the business environment in Serbia is a continuation of the reform initiated by the introduction of an electronic building permit, as citizens and investors will receive an efficient service as they now have in issuing e-licenses.

The introduction of a single-entry system in the field of property registration and the electronic exchange of documents from the cadastre authority will enable further progress of Serbia on the Duing business list in the field of registration of ownership rights, according to which Serbia is currently 57th.

Amendments to the Law on Transport of Goods in Road Traffic have been adopted, as well as amendments to the Law on Road Transport in Road Traffic.